GEA Procomac’s technology has transformed the F&B industry

By Nguyen Huong / VIR

The number of resources consumed by countries is increasing, causing their depletion and a decline in quality of life. As a result, many countries are shifting to a circular economic model with sustainable production that restores, regenerates, and gradually reduces the number of resources exploited and limits emissions.

GEA Procomac's technology has transformed the F&B industry
The Aseptic system at Tan Hiep Phat Company’s factory is imported directly from GEA Group

Many large corporations, especially multinational corporations, are converting from the traditional linear economic model to the more sustainable circular model due to its myriad social, political, environmental, and financial benefits.

The model can become a competitive advantage for any business that adopts it, as many markets have already introduced strict sustainability requirements and many international partners will only cooperate with compliant companies. Consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the need for environmental protection and are more sympathetic to ‘green’ brands.

In the food and beverage (F&B) sector, aseptic technology from GEA Procomac is considered to be an outstanding invention of the 21st century, offering environmentally friendly ways to maintain sterility during the production process.

The breakthrough aseptic cold-filled technology means that beverages are sterilised by ultra-high temperatures and sterilised bottles, caps, water, and products inside a sterile environment. One line can produce 48,000 bottles an hour, equivalent to more than 13 bottles every second.

Aseptic technology is changing the F&B industry, helping GEA Procomac to become a world leader in aseptic filling technology with more than 230 aseptic lines installed globally.

As the circular economic model spread around the world, and upon seeing a market full of great potential thanks to its young population, GEA Procomac entered Vietnam in 2008, selling its first production line here to Tan Hiep Phat, the largest privately owned soft drink provider in Vietnam.

GEA Procomac's technology has transformed the F&B industry

The partnership has been a pioneering milestone for the Vietnamese business community as it brings green issues into operational focus. This is congruent with the Vietnamese Prime Minister’s commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050 made at COP26.

“A very positive example of our business expansion in the Vietnamese market is the production lines sold to Tan Hiep Phat over the past 15 years. Both sides have explored, created, and worked together to achieve optimal results over the years,” said Luigi Bonzanini, head of Global Sales and Marketing and Project Management at GEA Procomac.

Tan Hiep Phat is the first and only beverage manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam to invest and own 12 aseptic lines developed by GEA Procomac with a total value of $300 million.

GEA Procomac's technology has transformed the F&B industry
GEA experts visiting Tan Hiep Phat’s production facilities

The advanced technology helps Tan Hiep Phat products retain their healthy nutrients, while retaining their natural colour and flavour, all without preservatives. The technology enables businesses to reduce the amount of waste used in the production process by reducing the weight of plastic bottles, and can also help reduce electricity and water usage.

“Vietnam is renowned for its beautiful beaches and bright, sunny coastline. We must act now to preserve ocean life, our beaches, and our hidden tourism gems. We must work together to limit the amount of plastic waste in the environment as much as possible. Tan Hiep Phat ready to cooperate to solve the challenges ahead and do everything possible to reach a sustainable circular economy,” said a Tan Hiep Phat representative at a recent event on the circular economy.