Halal certification and adaptation of Vietnamese beverage businesses

Solutions and policies set by industry regulators in recent times have supported Vietnamese businesses to boost exports, succeed in expanding markets and exported revenues. Notably, besides the export turnover growth, export goods mix also shifted from raw materials to products with high processed content, creativity and quality.

For the beverage sector, in order to be able to export goods to demanding markets which require high standards, the products must meet specific and rigorous standards.

Since 2016, well-known beverage products on the market, including Tan Hiep Phat’s Dr Thanh Cooling Tea, Zero Degree Green Tea, and Number One Energy Drink have obtained Halal certification for consumers in Islamic markets.

Halal in Arabic means legal or permitted. In Islam, the term refers to a permissible product or action performed within the religion framework. Muslims use Halal products according to strict standards.

Tan Hiep Phat’s products have met Halal standards for 9 consecutive years. In the picture is an employee in the QC department checking the visual quality of Dr Thanh Cooling Tea products at Tan Hiep Phat’s factory.

Southeast Asia is home to the largest Muslim population in the world, with 277 million people, accounting for about 42% of the region’s total population. Therefore, Southeast Asia is also a market with high demand for Halal products. In particular, Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world with more than 200 million people.

Currently, Indonesia is the 3rd largest trading partner of Vietnam and Vietnam is the 4th largest trading partner of Indonesia in ASEAN. Bilateral trade turnover will grow positively from 9 billion USD in 2019 to nearly 14 billion USD in 2023. Both countries hope that bilateral turnover will soon reach 15 billion USD and higher at 18 billion USD before 2028. Hence, governments of Vietnam and Indonesia both emphasize on strengthening cooperation in the Halal-certified foods.

To achieve Halal certification, the raw materials and its preservation method used in making the products must meet Halal standards. Production lines and production conditions at factories must meet Halal standards. Product storage process must also meet Halal standards.

Products such as Dr Thanh Cooling Tea, Zero Degree Green Tea, and Number 1 Energy Drink must ensure that processes – from raw materials to product storage – must meet Halal standards for Muslim countries

Besides meeting the strict Halal standards, Tan Hiep Phat’s products also satisfy quality standard, strict conditions and strict requirements to enter the global market by exporting to 20 countries and territories such as the US, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Taiwan (China),…

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