Motivating disadvantaged students to pursue education in Duy Tien

Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20 this year has become much more joyful when teachers and students in Duy Hai and Duy Tien of Ha Nam can celebrate the support that financially-disadvantaged students received to pursue their education.

National Assembly delegate, Associate Professor Dr. Do Chi Nghia and local leaders at the gift giving ceremony for disadvantaged students

Encouragement to children in learning and development

Committing to the cause of “One hundred years of cultivating people’s potentials”, Ms. Nguyen Khanh Tho, Secretary of the Party Committee and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hinh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Duy Hai ward (Duy Tien Town), and representatives of Tan Hiep Phat Company visited teachers and students at 3 schools and presented bursaries to financially-disadvantaged students. The program is organized by the local government in collaboration with Tan Hiep Phat Company.

Early morning that day, Nguyen Gia Bao, a 6th grade student at Duy Hai Secondary School, was excited to go to school with his friends. His family is living near the poverty line. Bao is the eldest brother with 3 other siblings. The youngest is only 3 years old. Bao said that among his peers, there are many kids in a big family like him. “I like going to school. I like studying with friends. Many thanks to the benefactors for giving me bursaries to support my family. This year, I will definitely try harder for even better results in my study.”

Ms. Nguyen Khanh Tho, Secretary of Party Committee and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hinh, Chairman of People’s Committee in Duy Hai Ward (Duy Tien Town) attended the ceremony and present bursaries to encourage students. Pointing to the multi-purpose building and tree-lined streets at Duy Hai Secondary School, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hinh shared: “Ha Nam in general and Duy Tien in particular have always been proud of being the land of scholars. Ha Nam people’s tradition in education pursuit, respect for talent, and respect for educators is part of our precious heritage. Duy Tien today is a town, moving towards a developed urban area. Therefore, there are apt investments demonstrated by new roads and spacious schools following the mission of ‘hundred-year career of cultivating people’. Those are the results of the focus from authorities at all levels and the cooperation among businesses and people.”

Ông Lê Hồ Hiền Phi - Giám đốc Nhà máy Number One Hà Nam tặng quà các em học sinh vượt khó, học tốt
Mr. Le Ho Hien Phi – Manager of of Number One Ha Nam Plant gave gifts to financially disadvantaged students who are excellent scholars
Lãnh đạo địa phương và đại diện nhà tài trợ tặng quà các em học sinh vượt khó, học tốt
Local leaders and representatives from sponsors gave gifts to financially disadvantaged students who are excellent scholars

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hinh said that the 50 students at preschool, elementary, and middle school who were given bursaries today are exemplary in overcoming difficulties in learning. “The gifts are meaningful to the children on the 41st anniversary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20. We, along with the teachers are also very excited because these are not only gifts borne from love but also a source of motivation and encouragement for the children to pursue their studies in school and become capable, contributing members of our homeland. On behalf of the local government and teachers, I would like to send my sincere thanks to Tan Hiep Phat Company for its meaningful and pragmatic support in our local community.”

At the ceremony, each gift consisting of 1 million VND in cash and 1 carton of Number 1 Soya soymilk with calcium was given to 50 students in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools in Duy Hai ward to motivate them, supporting students in their efforts to pursue education consistently.

Niềm vui của các em học sinh với món quà ý nghĩa, nâng bước em tới trường
The joy of students receiving meaningful gifts to help them pursue education

“We want to spread care to the community”

Representative of Tan Hiep Phat Company, Mr. Le Ho Hien Phi – Manager of of Number One Ha Nam Plant shared: “Tan Hiep Phat always focuses on implementing corporate social responsibility activities, in which children are the beneficiaries. We want to provide support to the community and contribute to nurturing the country’s future generations. Besides their material values, the gifts also encourage children to embrace the spirit of “nothing is impossible”, to strive and rise through their studies toward a better future despite all obstacles.

The program concluded with smiles of parents and sparks of happiness in the students’ eyes. Amidst the crisp winds of early winter, the golden sunlight shone through the blue sky in Duy Tien. Flower beds blooming along the way added to the festive joy. In the pursuit of education, no one was left behind. One parent shared that she hoped kindness and pragmatic support like this would continue to support the rural areas which had proud custom of prolific scholarly pursuits like Ha Nam.

Món quà ý nghĩa với các em học sinh vượt khó, học tốt và gia đình đúng dịp kỷ niệm 41 năm Ngày Nhà giáo Việt Nam
A meaningful gift for financially challenged students who has achieved academic excellence and their families on the 41st anniversary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day.

Always supporting to fulfill children’s dreams, Tan Hiep Phat Company pays special attention to implementing social responsibility programs. As a leading enterprise in the Vietnamese beverage industry, Tan Hiep Phat focuses on charitable social activities for children, supporting students in need to improve their studies. Currently, Tan Hiep Phat continues to support pursuit of education among disadvantaged students in 4 provinces of Quang Nam, Binh Duong, Ha Nam… Previously, in October 2023, the company coordinated with the Red Cross Society of Hau Giang province to donate 150 gifts to disadvantaged children in Hau Giang province.